Boston Ridge currently has an open parking policy for residents and their guests.  There are no assigned parking spaces, designated visitor spaces, or parking permits.  There are roughly two spaces available per unit (99 units, 202 spaces). 

With the recent opening of the Metro station at Weihle Avenue, the Board of Directors is monitoring the parking areas for commuters in violation of our parking policy.

Although our neighborhood has open parking for residents and their visitors, certain friendly guidelines should be followed:

  • Please park within marked spaces.  Parking in unmarked areas or across multiple spaces leaves less room for residents to park and move about.
  • Certain areas within the neighborhood have limited parking.  If those in your home own more than 2 cars, it would be helpful if you parked additional cars in an area with more abundant parking.  For example, the are near 2001-2009 Headlands Cir has only 10 spaces for 5 units.  Additional cars in this area may be parked across from 2021 Headlands Cir.
  • During winter snow events, some residents spend significant time and effort clearing snow from parking spaces for their vehicles.  If you enter the neighborhood after a large snow fall and a space has been recently clear, it can be inferred that a resident will be returning to that space.  Please take the time to clear a space for yourself.