Boston Ridge Board

The Boston Ridge Board is a volunteer organization comprised of homeowners, who are charged with managing the affairs of the neighborhood.  The board has continuously operated since the construction of our neighborhood in 1978.  Board responsibilities include:
  • Managing key contracts for common ground maintenance and services, such as landscaping, snow removal, and trash removal
  • Approving other work projects such as tree care
  • Setting an annual budget, including quarterly HOA dues
  • Enforcing and updating neighborhood covenants
  • Working with external entities such as Reston Association, Fairfax County, and Virginia on neighborhood business
The operation of the board is dictated by our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, which specifies the responsibilities of the board, meeting schedules, requirements for board membership, and board powers. 

Board Meetings
The board of directors meets quarterly to discuss neighborhood business, and meetings are open to owners, residents, and renters.  Meetings are posted in the website calendar, and may be held virtually or in-person.  Participation in these meetings is encouraged for all homeowners and renters.  This is the main conduit for residents and owners to bring ideas to the board, and to hear about current and future projects.

Board Membership and Responsibilities
Board membership is open to any homeowner in good standing with the neighborhood, subject to a vote by the current board.  Expectations of board members include:
  • Participating in quarterly meetings
  • Reviewing and comparing vendor proposals for neighborhood work
  • Meeting with vendors to understand work process
  • Inspected completed vendor work
  • Interfacing with other groups such as Reston Association
  • Performing periodic covenants inspects and helping to enforce covenants
  • Planning for longer term projects
  • Working with other board members outside of meetings to ensure vendor work is approved and completed
Generally, a board member will spend a few hours a month on board-related business.

Management Company
The board works closely with our management company, Sentry Management, which performs many day-to-day activities for the neighborhood, including:
  • Collecting quarterly dues
  • Interfacing with vendors and soliciting proposals
  • Handling financial transactions
  • Performing property inspections
  • Preparing resale packages
Reston Association
Homeowners within Boston Ridge are members of both the Boston Ridge Homeowner's Association and Reston Association.  Each organization provides value to homeowners by performing distinct functions.  Boston Ridge handles neighborhood-centric work such as common ground landscaping, trash pickup, and snow removal.  RA handles a broader scope of services:
  • Neighborhood design standards management and enforcement (e.g. paint color, lighting)
  • Reston trails, pools, camps, tennis courts, and other amenities