Design Standards

To maintain style unity throughout our neighborhood and with the Reston community, certain exterior aspects of Boston Ridge homes are maintained as standards with Reston Association.  Our standards are available on the Reston Association website, including assigned paint color per unit.

Additionally, it is the owners responsibility to perform general upkeep of their property:

  • All homeowners are required to maintain the landscaped beds, flowers, and trees on their property. Beds should be well defined and weed free, with fresh mulch applied. All trees and bushes shall be pruned or cut back so as not to encroach upon neighboring properties, sidewalks and rooflines. Tree rings shall be defined and mulch applied.
  • All homeowners are responsible to cut, trim and maintain the rear yards on a regular basis. The Grounds vendor will only mow the front and side yards. Rear yards should remain weed free.
  • All trash and recycle bins must be stored out of view when not in use and on non-collection days. Cans may not be stored in the front or side of homes, or outside of your property line or fence. Cans may only be placed in the front the evening before a collection day, and must be brought in the day of collection.
  • Storm doors should remain in the closed position when not in use.